• Straight interior and exterior wall
  • Lowest force required to open (20N)
  • Integrated height, side and angle adjustment
  • Load capacity 40kg or 60kg
  • Two colors: graphite, white
  • Patented bottom assembly

NO assembly for bottom or drawer rear.
NO separate drawer rear brackets.

Order information

11421 Vionaro drawer 89/270mm graphite
11424 Vionaro drawer 89/350mm graphite
11426 Vionaro drawer 89/400mm graphite
11430 Vionaro drawer  89/500mm graphite
11621 Vionaro drawer 89/270mm white
11624 Vionaro drawer 89/350mm white
11626 Vionaro drawer 89/400mm white
11630 Vionaro drawer 89/500mm white
11000 Vionaro track fitting (left+right)
11801 Drawer front bracket Screw
11802 Drawer front bracket Dowel 10mm
11803 Drawer front bracket Dowel 8mm
18147 Drawer front bracket (drawer width exceeds 600mm)
11850 Cover cap gray
11851 Cover cap graphite
11852 Cover cap white

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