Especially the effectiveness and quietness of the BORA Pure have made an impact

Customer: Franz Design Oy
Open concept kitchen in a design studio in Helsinki
Savo solutions: BORA Pure (recirculating Puru), Twist Around sockets

Franz Design renovated their office space recently and renewed also its open concept kitchen. The massive, over four meters long island with its new impressive steel countertop fits gracefully into the kitchen’s architectural style.


”We wanted as streamlined cooktop and extractor solution as possible in our longish kitchen and as the space is quite shallow, we didn’t want anything unnecessary in the ceiling”, tells designer Sofia Frantsi. “We have had quite a few projects where BORA has come up and the solution has raised a lot of interest. On the other hand, also doubts about the extractor’s effectiveness have been in the air. Hence, we decided that our office would be a great place where to demonstrate the solution to our customers. We chose the new BORA Pure as its functionalities and size fitted in our kitchen island perfectly.”

“We can sincerely recommend BORA”

The personnel of Franz Design have been very pleased with BORA Pure. Especially the effectiveness and quietness of the extractor have made an impact in addition to the minimalistic design of the solution. “We cook in our office almost every day and the cooking vapours have not spread to other rooms even once”, cheers Frantsi. “Particularly positive has been the solution’s efficiency in relation to its minimum volume. Moreover, the minimalistic design of Pure suits beautifully in our streamlined kitchen.”


“We can sincerely recommend BORA and definitely also will recommend it to our customers.”


Photographer: Paavo Pykäläinen Photography