BORA Classic is an excellent solution for an open-plan kitchen’s island

Customer: Meli ja Taro Valo / Kaluste-Ruohonen
Detached house in Vermuntila Rauma
Savo solutions: BORA Classic, iLED island, GRASS Nova Classic drawers, Tiomos hinges

Kaluste-Ruohonen designed and built a beautiful open-plan kitchen in Kendall’s managing director Meli Valo’s and his husband Taro Valo’s detached house in Vermuntila. The kitchen design is stylish and minimalistic; there is only one small wall cabinet and the focal point of the open space is a huge island with tons of storage in spacious drawers.


Valos wanted to have an open view from the kitchen, so a combination of a downdraft extractor and cooktops felt as the clearly best option for the large island. They chose modular BORA Classic solution with Teppanyaki steel grill and limitless induction cooktops. Kaluste-Ruohonen flush mounted the BORA Classic solution in the impressive 6 mm thick steel countertop of the kitchen island.


The beautiful iLED island was chosen as a work lighting solution for the kitchen island and BORA Classic. With iLED both the tone and brightness of the light can be easily adjusted to fit the users’ needs. The delicate light fixture does not obstruct the open view but offers effective, even and unglaring work lighting, as well as accent lighting when necessary.


“iLED has been excellent as the kitchen island’s lighting solution”

“Downdraft extractor is an excellent solution for an open-plan kitchen’s island”, told Meli Valo. “The space is genuinely open, the effective extractor sucks down all cooking vapours and carbon filter removes the odours. And iLED has been excellent as the kitchen island’s lighting solution. Despite its light structure it provides effective lighting and we are especially pleased with the adjustment possibilities. We have adjusted the tone of the light to cool natural white 4000K so that the dark tones of the kitchen look pure.”


“We value highly Savo’s good customer service”

Kaluste-Ruohonen uses in their high-class kitchen fixtures spacious Nova Pro Scala and Nova Classic drawers that are known for their technical innovations and modern design, as well as self-closing Tiomos hinges.


White Nova Classic drawers and Tiomos hinges can be found also in Valo family’s kitchen.


“Savo’s high-quality and technically advanced products are a perfect fit for our collection”, told managing director Mauri Ruohonen.


“We value highly also Savo’s good customer service. Our profitable cooperation has continued already for long.”