BORA was a clear choice from the start

Customer: Minna Vauhkonen
Site: Row house apartment in Helsinki
Savo solution: BORA Pure induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, recirculating

When food photographer and writer Minna Vauhkonen started planning the kitchen renovation of her family’s row house apartment, she knew already from the start that she wanted a BORA cooktop with an integrated extractor into the new kitchen. She had familiarized herself with BORA products both in social media and at her friend’s home.

BORA system was chosen based on measurements and looks


There were also other factors advocating the choice of BORA in addition to social media and the friend, for example the Kuluttaja magazine’s test win, BORA’s long-term experience in cooktops with an integrated extractor, and good experiences heard from others. “We considered several BORA systems but eventually chose BORA Pure based on measurements and looks”, tells Minna.


“The integrated extractor enables pretty free placement of the cooktop in the kitchen”, continues Minna. “I contemplated on placing the cooktop in the peninsula but ended up keeping it near the window next to the wall. BORA Pure enabled us to mount narrower upper cabinets with more lightweight appearance, and they let in more light from the window too. I have also been delighted by how little space BORA Pure takes from the lower cabinet – the height of the system is only under 20 cm.”

Super effective BORA system makes everyday life easier


“After the old ceramic cooktop, it has been wonderful to cook with BORA Pure”, cheers Minna. “The cooktop is so quick that pasta can now be called fast food. In a family with children, one really appreciates this, and it makes everyday life easier. In addition to being effective the extractor is also very functional, it is pleasantly quiet and sucks in all the steam and vapours.”


“All in all, BORA Pure is beautiful and of first-rate quality, and its extractor is super effective – no wonder that it has won numerous design awards. I am very fond of the flush installation too; it makes the cooktop a seamless part of the worktop and there are no edgings collecting dirt. I can warmly recommend BORA Pure!”