Modern technology suits well in a modern kitchen

The site: Small house in Northern Helsinki
Savo solution: BORA Basic BIU

Pieni talo Helsingissä blogin bora basicPieni talo Helsingissä is a construction and occasionally also interior decoration blog by journalist and interior designer Piia and AD Jari. They tell in the blog about their Northern Helsinki small house project where they had a Kastelli package house built with a personal touch.


They chose in their kitchen BORA which is a combined cooktop and extractor solution that leaves the space above the stove open. Their solution is BORA Basic BIU recirculation model with induction cooktop.


Piia tells in the post about their kitchen her user experiences with BORA Basic. “Modern technology suits well in a modern kitchen. The BORA extractor is very effective and even a school girl or boy can use it.” The family has been happy with their choice.


Read the whole blog post (in Finnish): Kaikki mitä halusit tietää meidän mustasta keittiöstä.
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