Inconspicuous extractor and more workspace to the kitchen island

Customer: Johanna Taskula
Site: Summerhouse in Korppoo, Turku archipelago
Savo solution: BORA Classic 2.0 CKA2 cooktop extractor, CKFI limitless induction cooktop, recirculating.

Interior designer Johanna Taskula and her family wanted as inconspicuous cooktop extractor as possible to the open plan kitchen of their summerhouse in Turku archipelago. A cooker hood above the kitchen island was not an option, because it would have obstructed the open view to the sea and other rooms.

Inconspicuous cooktop extractor

“We had heard positive things about BORA, and my husband Tomi familiarized himself with it more closely at Puustelli novelties training days”, explains Johanna. “I saw BORA for the first time in use at Interior Designers’ summer day in Fiskars. BORA extractor is always flat and inconspicuous at the countertop level, so it started to feel like a much more sensible solution than an emerging extractor which we had also considered.”

Maximum workspace to the kitchen island

“We chose the modular BORA Classic 2.0 solution to our summerhouse’s open plan kitchen because we wanted to maximise the workspace of the fairly small island. With one induction cooktop and extractor BORA Classic 2.0 takes less than 60 cm in width. And one limitless induction cooktop is well big enough for summerhouse cooking as it fits several pots and pans simultaneously when necessary.”

“We give full 10 points to BORA!”

“We have been super happy with BORA and can absolutely recommend it! The extractor really works like a dream and sucks all the vapours and odours. Even after frying fish there are no odours floating in the air. We are also very pleased that we decided to get the BORA flushmounted at the same level as the countertop. The cooktop and extractor are therefore extremely inconspicuous in the kitchen island, and it is also very easy to clean the countertop and cooktop.”

“We give full 10 points to BORA!”