High-class cooktop and extractor for a person who enjoys cooking

Customer: Kaisu Jouppi
Site: Detached house in Järvenpää
Savo solution: BORA X Pure induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, (recirculating PUXU)

Photographer Kaisu Jouppi learned about BORA the first time when she was searching online for a good cooktop and extractor combination for their new home that was under construction. Their home was going to be very high – room height 7 meters – and the cooktop was planned to be installed in the kitchen island in the middle of the room so a traditional cooker hood was out of the question.

A cooktop whose extractor is sure to work effectively


“We ended up choosing BORA because I read and heard so much good about it”, tells Kaisu. “We were pretty soon in the understanding that BORA offers the best technology and design when it comes to cooktop and extractor hybrids.” Kaisu then got to see BORA also in action at interior designers’ summer day event and was thoroughly convinced when she saw with her own eyes that the extractor really works as promised during cooking. “It was very important for us to get a cooktop whose extractor is sure to work effectively”, sums Kaisu.

“Because we had decided to invest in the cooktop, we decided to get the latest BORA X Pure model. We especially liked its colour scheme as the operating panel’s led lighting is calming blue and white instead of common red, and its incredible sleekness. Also, the extractor’s air inlet nozzle is stylishly modern, and BORA X Pure is all in all really beautiful. When the cooktop is located next to living room in a central place – beauty earns a lot of points. And flush mounting even accentuates the sleekness factor. This model also takes minimal space beneath it (under 20 cm), so there’s plenty of room for drawers under it.”

“When one enjoys cooking it is great to own a high-class cooktop and extractor!”


“We have been very pleased with our choice. We have cooked actively with X Pure for the past months and both the induction and the extractor have worked perfectly. Also, the carbon filter is very effective, it removes all the odours. Oh, and the device is easy to clean, so easy… Not to mention how handy the limitless induction cooktop is, when you just place your pot somewhere in the cooking area, it works. There are more handy features in the device than we even know. The timer we at least have mastered, and recently we learned to use the keep warm feature. Versatile and handy device!”

“When one enjoys cooking it is great to own a high-class cooktop and extractor!” Kaisu praises. She and her family have received plenty of amazed comments from their guests when people have hard time believing that the extractor is indeed integrated in the cooktop. “We feel very modern, or even like we’re a little ahead of time”, laughs Kaisu. “So, we recommend BORA to anyone who asks about it.”

Photos @kaisujouppi

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