Sink collection inspired by Finnish lake landscape

New composite and stainless steel sinks

Savo sink collection’s composite and stainless steel sinks bring the feeling of a lake landscape into the kitchen. Even the sink colours were inspired by nature. You can find for example colours of clouds reflecting on a lake and colours of weather-beaten beach rocks in the sink collection.

Best materials

Savo sinks are made from the best materials, and they are durable and sleek as smooth rocks.

The durability and cleanability as well as colour brightness of Vaala and Saimaa composite sinks’ nanotechnological Keratek Plus material is unparalleled. The sinks have 20 years guarantee.

Puula and Vuoksi composite sinks’ Granitek material in turn contains real granite. The material has excellent resistance to thermal shocks and impacts. The sinks have 10 years guarantee.

Vanaja and Syväri stainless steel sinks are made of satin finished, recyclable, hygienic and very durable steel. Material strength is 1 mm all over, and Syväri sinks’ faucet ledger is even reinforced. The hand finished sinks have 5 years guarantee.


Largest sinks­­­

New Savo sinks are the largest ones in the market. In these XL-size sinks it is easy to wash big pots and pans and even baking trays. All sinks are delivered equipped with Prevex water trap and plumbing.

Familiarize yourself with the new Savo sink collection!