The best duct system on the market

BORA Ecotube is a holistic solution for air handling.


Duct system of the downdraft or cooker hood exhaust air has a significant effect on both the freshness of indoor air and the sound level. The determinants are for example the duct’s diameter, material and smoothness of the duct lining along with sealing and design of curves.

BORA Ecotube is a holistic solution for air handling. High quality, certified material (plastic with V0 pursuant to UL94 and B1 pursuant to DIN 4102-1 classification) and tight seals make the duct system’s structure robust and ensure that there are no air leaks.

Optimized airflowSavo Bora ecotube ilmanpoistokanava

Ecotube system has no sharp edges. The patented curve elements have specifically designed baffles that guide the airflow effectively and reduce the air resistance. The air turbulence stays low, pressure drop is minimal and air resistance is approximately 20% lower compared to other duct systems found on the market. The optimized airflow reduces also the sound level.

Easy to install

Ecotube duct system has plenty of elements and can be adapted to virtually any surroundings. The elements can also be shortened with a regular saw when necessary. Self-sealing connections between duct elements and moulded components are easy to install even in tight spaces where there’s no room to use duct tape. This innovation is patented too. With Ecotube you can get your exhaust air system in tip-top shape easily.

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