BORA now available also to VILPE roof fan households!

From Savo first-ever roof fan compatible cooktop/extractor solutions.


Savo Design – Finland’s number one in cooker hoods – continues as the forerunner. From us you can get the first-ever definitely roof fan compatible combined cooktop and extractor solutions as well as the technical knowledge and guidelines for connecting the systems.

Savo Design is known for its strong cooker hood know-how and extensive selection of cooker hoods for different ventilation systems. Customers have more and more been asking us whether it is possible to connect the BORA cooktop extractor to a roof fan and whether the BORA cooktop extractor functions properly with only a roof fan.

We have now studied and tested the roof fan compatibility together with BORA and VILPE: VILPE ECo-series roof fans are fully compatible with BORA Professional 2.0 PKA and PKAS as well as with BORA Classic CKASE. We also ensured that the speed control of the BORA cooktop extractor works perfectly together with VILPE ECo roof fan: the speed of the roof fan is adjusted with the BORA cooktop extractor speed control. We recommend VILPE ECo250P XL and ECo250S XL fans because their performance is adequate for the BORA cooktop extractor.

More detailed information on how to connect the BORA extractor to VILPE ECo250 roof fan you can get from our technical support:

Savo BORA Professional