Beautiful and easy to use cooktop/extractor

Customer: Marjo, the owner of mmarj00 Instagram account
Site: A detached house in Tampere region
Savo solution: BORA Pure induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, (recirculating Puru)

When Marjo and her spouse started to build their new house in the beginning of 2020 they had some sure choices made very early on the project. One of those choices was a cooktop/extractor combination. The room height in the living room and open plan kitchen rises to six meters and the couple wanted to keep the view open, so a cooktop with an integrated extractor was an obvious choice.

BORA Pure was chosen for aesthetic reasons – effectiveness and usability exceeded expectations


“We had seen these cooktop/extractor combinations in the market already for some time”, tells Marjo. “I had familiarized myself with BORA Pure in work projects and as our kitchen provider also recommends BORA, we didn’t much compare it with other products. When even my husband Miikka preferred BORA Pure’s visual look, we chose it purely for aesthetic reasons. We definitely wanted exactly BORA Pure because its round inlet nozzle appealed to us the most.”

“We are not much of cooking enthusiasts with Miikka and find various cooking odours oppressive, so I was a little anxious about the effectiveness of the extractor. I was afraid that it would not be able to remove the cooking odours from the room, but it has exceeded all expectations! I like that the extractor is quiet even at high power levels. In my opinion the cooktop is also very spacious, it fits many pots and pans when necessary. In addition, the appliance is super easy to clean, which was in fact along with its look the reason we chose it. In cleaning I find particularly important that the grease filter can be washed in a dishwasher.”

“We can recommend BORA to everybody and we don’t believe that this will be the last BORA system in our family!”