Streamlined cooktop with a quiet and effective extractor

Customers: Maria ja Sakari Miettunen
Site: Detached house in Lammi
Savo solution: BORA Pure induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, (recirculating Puru)

Maria and Sakari Miettunen bought in 2015 an old school built from stone in the spirit of modernism after falling in love with its thick stone walls and big pane windows. They renovated the school that was built in 1936 into a modern home while still respecting the old.

Maria and Sakari planned the custom kitchen of the house themselves from timeless materials that age beautifully. The existing framework of the house was respected when planning the placement of cabinets, and the kitchen was built so that the view from the window could be admired while cooking. Hence the upper cabinets were left out and the cooktop extractor was integrated in the worktop so that the window could stay the focal point of the kitchen.

Searching for a quiet and streamlined extractor with an effective carbon filter


Two years ago, the extractor that was installed in the worktop during the 2015 renovation started malfunctioning, and the model was no longer in the market. Maria and Sakari were not happy with the extractor anyway because it was extremely difficult to clean and its carbon filter had never worked properly. To make matters even worse, even the cooktop started failing.

After searching and studying the market thoroughly Maria and Sakari found BORA Pure that felt like the perfect solution to their kitchen. “BORA Pure convinced us especially with its quiet sound level, and it also fits perfectly in the kitchen worktop so that we still didn’t have to get a ceiling hood”, tells Maria. “Another expectation for the new extractor was that we can fry Sunday morning pancakes without the whole house smelling like pancakes.”

”BORA Pure has exceeded all our expectations!”


”This appliance is incredibly easy to clean”, rejoices Maria. “It is beautiful, the extractor is effective, carbon filter works just as it is supposed to, and there is room to cook on the cooktop. BORA Pure has exceeded all our expectations! We intend to plan this model also for our clients who value beauty and practicality.”