Savo iLED Rondo light mirror finalizes bathroom décor

Customer: Miia, Oma Koti Valkoinen -blog
Site: An apartment building in Helsinki
Savo solutions: Savo iLED Rondo light mirror, C-69 cooker hood, Twist Around socket

The writer of the popular Oma Koti Valkoinen blog, Miia and her family renovated their bathroom lately. They chose as their new bathroom mirror iLED Rondo, an elegant light mirror, whose lighting tone and intensity can be adjusted with touch switches in the lower part of the mirror. The light mirror suits very well in renovations exactly because there is no need to change the light switch because of it.

“Savo iLED Rondo is the sun of our windowless bathroom!” tells Miia. “The effect of its lighting to the atmosphere of the space and the décor is substantial and the round light mirror that provides both direct and indirect lighting completements beautifully our bathroom harmony!”


iLED Rondo light mirror is available in two sizes, Ø604 mm ja Ø804 mm. “In our bathroom I chose the bigger one and together with the wideset basin cabinet it creates a balanced outcome.”

Savo iLED Rondo creates the perfect atmosphere in the bathroom


The most thrilled Mia is with iLED Rondo’s light adjustment possibilities. “With this IP44 mirror I can create exactly the kind of atmosphere I want in the bathroom. At its brightest iLED Rondo perks and wakes you up in the morning, and in the evening it is great to relax in ambient mood lighting.”

“As basic lighting I use white light at the brightest setting and for sauna evenings I have preferred to set the lighting to sunset type of ambient, warm tone. I have given a nickname ’relax light’ to this very relaxing lighting setting.”


“I want to praise also iLED Rondo light mirror’s amazing colour rendering index which is Ra>90”, continues Miia. “LED spectrum doesn’t often have enough red light in the light source resulting red colours appearing ‘off’ or different. Many LED lights have blueish or even greyish cast in the light. Savo’s beautiful iLED Rondo showed its superiority already the first time I looked in the mirror – my skin did not look dull and pale like usually, but wintery light with few small freckles. Even my daughter noticed the effect and for example her hair has gorgeous gold and bronze accents in the mirror’s light.”


Savo products also in the kitchen

There are also other Savo products than the new bathroom light mirror in Miia’s home. “The kitchen renovation that was completed in Christmas time 2014 was crowned by white Savo C-69 cooker hood and Twist Around socket. I am still after all these years and almost 2500 use days happy with my choices! The timeless and streamlined cooker hood and the practical recess mounted socket are an important part of the kitchen functionality, usability and comfort!”