BORA Pure has proven to be worthy of all the praises!

Customer: Jonna Luukko
Site: An apartment building in Helsinki
Savo solution: BORA Pure, BORA Pure induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, recirculating

Jonna Luukko, an entrepreneur and a blogger, and her family initially intended to make only small facelift renovation in the kitchen of their new home. Openness and spaciousness that can be achieved by omitting the upper cabinets was however very tempting and it required a little bigger renovation. They didn’t want to place a traditional cooker hood on the wall, so they had to choose an induction cooktop with an integrated extractor.

BORA Pure got by far the most votes from the followers


Jonna didn’t have much experience of cooktops with an integrated extractor so she asked for recommendations from her followers. BORA Pure got by far the most votes from the followers.


Jonna visited then Savo Design’s showroom to explore and test BORA Pure after which the purchase decision was made very fast. “From BORA’s collection exactly BORA Pure suited best to our needs”, tells Jonna. ”We were convinced also by the fact that BORA has been a forerunner in cooktops with integrated extractors.”

”We have been immensely happy with BORA Pure!”


Now there have been a few months of coexistence with the new, renovated kitchen. “The kitchen has brought us so much joy – not only is it pleasing to the eye and has unified our interior decoration, but it has also above all been extremely practical”, marvels Jonna. “We have been immensely happy with BORA Pure and latest now after our own user experience we understand why it is so highly praised! BORA Pure is very easy to use, the cooktop and extractor are ultra-effective, the extractor filters both smells and grease effectively and the grease filter is easy to clean in the dishwasher.”


”I can forward all the recommendations I got and after several months of user experience I can with my hand on my heart recommend BORA! A functional kitchen inspires to cook more and makes everyday life easier. BORA Pure is not praised in vain!”

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