BORA Pure is our daily joy

Customer: Architects Karola Sahi ja Roy Mänttäri
Site: An apartment building in Kotka
Savo solution: BORA Pure induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, recirculating

Architects Karola Sahi and Roy Mänttäri got to know BORA Pure by accident when a kitchen installer acquaintance of theirs briefly mentioned so-called downdraft appliances that combine cooktops and cooker hoods.


“The mention came exactly at the right time”, Karola tells. “We were just in the process of planning our new home in downtown Kotka. The kitchen is centrally located in the apartment so that the kitchen counter is immediately below a window. This previously unknown appliance was a heaven-sent to us as we were not willing to place a traditional cooker hood in front of the window to block the view.”

BORA Pure valikoitui arkkitehtien kotiin

Quiet and minimalistic yet efficient


In their previous projects the architect couple had noticed that often the extractor hoods placed above kitchen islands are too loud. ”From the center of the room the noise carries everywhere”, Karola says. “That’s the reason why we insisted on test listening to the BORA device beforehand. Then we were able to conclude that despite it being efficient it’s also very quiet.”


“For us it is also important that the device looks tranquil”, Karola continues. “We were immediately pleased with BORA Pure’s spare and stylish design. Everything that’s irrelevant has been left out. The different color options for the air inlet nozzle in the middle of the device were a nice addition as we wanted a lot of color of our future home. It was nice to be able to select an orange nozzle from all the delicious color options.”

“BORA Pure has turned out to be an excellent appliance”


Karola and Roy are very pleased with their choice. “During use BORA Pure has proven to be an excellent appliance. We often have something cooking and frying over each of the cooking surfaces. The slider control is easy to use even when there is a lot going on at the same time. Even during heavy use, the ventilator sucks vapors powerfully and the activated charcoal filter works very well. After cooking the smooth glass surface is fast and easy to wipe clean. The device has many features that we haven’t even know how to use yet.”


“Many of our guests have been puzzled by our BORA Pure at first. Its functionalities have caused a lot of curiosity and marvel. It has been nice to tell that even we ourselves have been surprised how a cook top and extractor can be combined in this way. BORA Pure is our daily joy. We would be pleased to see it become even more widely popular.”