Searching for an inconspicuous but effective cooker hood

Customer: Varpu Hintsanen
Site: A detached house in Akaa
Savo solution: BORA Pure induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, recirculating

When Varpu Hintsanen and her family started to plan an open plan kitchen in their new stone house built in Finnish forest landscape nearby Tampere, it was clear that it will be minimalistic and spacious. She also wanted the cooker hood to be as inconspicuous as possible. A traditional cooker hood installed on the ceiling was therefore not an option.

Varpu searched suitable options from the web and came across some images of induction cooktops with an integrated extractor in the social media. “After my research we chose BORA Pure that is imported by Savo Design & Technic”, tells Varpu. The effectiveness of the device was the most important deciding factor. BORA Pure’s win in Kuluttaja magazine’s tests for induction cooktops with an integrated extractor brought even more confidence in the decision.

”I am very happy that we found BORA Pure!”


”BORA Pure is easy to use, stylish and effective”, blazes Varpu. “An extractor that is integrated in the cooktop is also a cost-effective option because one doesn’t have to purchase and get installed both an induction cooktop and a cooker hood. BORA Pure’s induction cooktop works perfectly as well, even big pots and pans heat up quickly and evenly.” Hintsanen family also appreciates BORA Pure’s silence – the sound of the extractor does not disturb for example discussions even though the device is installed in a kitchen island facing the living room. Odors and smells bring no worries either even if the device is a recirculating version. “The carbon activated filter is fortunately so effective that it removes all food odors from the recirculated air”, Varpu cheers. “Changing the filter seems to be very easy too.”

“I am very happy that we found BORA Pure to our home and I can definitely recommend it!”