I have the Rolls Royce of cooktops and extractors

Customer: Harri Höglund
Site: Loft apartment built in an old workhouse in Nakkila
Savo solution: BORA Classic CKASE, CG-11, CFI-11 (cooktop extractor, gas cooktop and limitless induction cooktop)

Harri Höglundin bora liesituuletinHarri Höglund got recently a chance to realize a 15-year-old dream: buy an old workhouse and convert it to a loft apartment. He wanted to implement the project deliberately and by using good, high-functioning solutions.


Choosing a cooktop and a cooker hood for the kitchen of the loft apartment was not easy. “Kitchen is the heart of the home, and I pondered for a long time on what kind of cooktop and cooker hood or cooktop extractor solution to pick”, Höglund tells. “There were several options available, and we were dreaming of getting both an induction and a gas cooktop right from the start. The cooker hood selection was limited because the apartment’s roof structure didn’t enable installing ducting there where the kitchen island was planned.”


“I was convinced by the effectiveness of Bora”


Höglund saw BORA cooktop/extractor solutions for the first time at Habitare 2017 fair. “I was convinced by the effectiveness of Bora. They were frying steaks at the stand with a Bora recirculation system and there weren’t any odours or cooking vapours.” There is a broad range of modular cooktops available for BORA Classic system, but Höglund chose for his loft kitchen a limitless induction and a gas cooktop that were on the wish list to accompany the high-quality extractor. “The effective downdraft extractor was particularly important”, emphasizes Höglund. “A loft apartment needs to be open and unobstructed, so I didn’t want any big cooker hood or other barriers to block the view from the kitchen island.”


“The Rolls Royce of cooktops and extractors”


Harri Höglundin bora classic

Höglund’s BORA Classic user experience has been very positive. “Bora solutions work superbly. The touch controls are logical, and one sees the high quality in everything. The gas cooktop is easy to use and its igniter functions immaculately. Surprisingly, the induction cooktop boils water even faster than the gas cooktop. And the extractor works exactly as it is supposed to and filters all the odours. I have a clear feeling that I have the Rolls Royce of cooktops and extractors. If a man can feel a sense of contentment about as ordinary things as kitchen appliances, I do. I’m going to be 50 in October and I feel that I was able to realize my dream of a high-functioning solution – such that there’s no need to have any regrets afterwards.”


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