In this spacious serving pan you can fry meatballs even for a bigger family. Or do you love pasta sauces or risotto, or are you a real stew enthusiast? Not only does the tight lid with its mere 50 mm opening concentrate the cooking steam in one place, where it can then be easily extracted, it also saves energy with faster boiling time, protects the hob from soiling and eliminates annoying odours.

And the comfortable handles let you easily lift a full pan safely as they do not get hot. There’s no need for a potholder. The serving pan and its lid are also easy to clean and ecologically sustainable.

As an accessory there is available a unique gourmet lid. The gourmet lid has a silicone rim for a perfect fit for both 24 cm and 28 cm pans. Thanks to the innovative design of the lid, condensation is collected in the rim of the lid, so no water drips into the fat or onto the food being fried and the prepared food becomes crispy and crunchy instead of being watered down. The collected water is simply emptied by pulling off the silicone rim.

  • Serving pan Ø 28 x 8 cm, glass lid
  • High-quality stainless steel with matt finish 18/10
  • Dishwasher-proof, except the silicone rim of the accessory gourmet lid


This product is only available in specialty kitchen furniture stores.

Product Info (rrp, alv24%)

74050 Serving pan Ø 28 x 8 cm with glass lid249,00€
74053 Gourmet lid Ø 24-28 cm
with silicone rim