BORA Professional 2.0 All Black

The minimalistic design of the unique BORA Professional 2.0 All Black set fits beautifully in modern kitchens. Two limitless induction cooktops, control knobs and cooktop extractor are all elegantly black.

The extra-deep 54 cm cooktops give you even more room to cook. Four 24 cm pots fit simultaneously on the cooktops. And the effective extractor removes all cooking vapours silently even at high power levels thanks to the low-noise fan integrated in the plinth area of the kitchen.

BORA Professional 2.0 All Black set includes 1 x PKASAB (All Black cooktop extractor), 2 x PKF11AB (All Black limitless induction cooktop), 1 x EFBV90 (Ecotube 90 turn), 1 x EF750 (Ecotube straight down 75cm), 1 x EFV (Ecotube duct connector flat). The recirculation model needs ULB-1 filter or ULB-3 power filter as an accessory.

Also available with other Professional 2.0 cooktops. Ask for more information:

Note: You get third year warranty by registering your new BORA Professional 2.0 All Black system.

Order information (rrp)

86090 BORA Professional 2.0 All Black set induction/induction (limitless induction)9985,72€
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86183 BORA filter ULBF288,92€
86192 BORA Power filter 3-part ULB-3638,60€
86221 BORA socket, Black126,48€
86160 BORA duct fan (ULIE) AC1302,00€
86161 BORA duct fan (ULI) EC1302,00€
86209 BORA sound insulation USDF245,52€
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Technical specifications

BORA Professional 2.0 PKASAB
• cooktop extractor with motor, All Black
• 468 x 540 x 199 mm

BORA Professional 2.0 PKFI-11AB
• limitless induction cooktop 3,7 kW, All Black
• 370 x 540 x 52 mm