Cooker hood PVX-27 white

Inconspicuous PVX-27 is a stylish integrated cooker hood equipped with versatile house automation connections.

  • can be integrated into cabinetry
  • extractable
  • lighting 2 x 2.5W, LED 2700K (E14 base)
  • electrically timed, partially closing, adjustable KSOM-motor damper
  • potential free relay information on the damper position
  • support for driving an external 24 VDC and 230VAC damper actuator
  • grease filter alarm, audible
  • grease filter output to house automation systems
  • support for an external alarming
  • dip switched for valve running length adjustment
  • damper with a dirt resisting Nano coating
  • exhaust duct connection 125 mm
  • washable metal grease filter
  • 498/598 x 281 (+26.5 mm front panel) x 294 mm (l x s x k)
  • depth adjustable up to 381 mm with max 80 mm back filler
  • 50 cm and 60 cm versions

Note! This product does not have support for external motor (AC or EC) speed control.

Order information (rrp, 24%)

95651 Cooker hood PVX-2705-W 50 cm white806,00€
95652 Cooker hood PVX-2706-W 60 cm white806,00€
91050 Front panel FR-27 steel 50 cm (an accessory)37,20€
91051 Front panel FR-27 steel 60 cm (an accessory)37,20€
91052 Front panel FR-27 black 50 cm (an accessory)37,20€
91053 Front panel FR-27 black 60 cm (an accessory)37,20€

Note! These products replace the PV-26 family products starting from 05/2021 as following:

Old product codeNew product code